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CEO Speech

History of railway in Iran goes back to the second half of the 19th century, even though railway and rail industries in Iran is not

As significant as the leading countries of the world in this industry. In spite of the paramount importance of this industry in the development of the country, it has not been advanced remarkably for various reasons, some of which were beyond the will of the Iranian government. However, for the sake of fairness, a few short periods should be excluded, for instance the Pahlavi period and the reform period.

In recent years, the government has taken serious decisions to develop this industry, and some of its signs are already being visible.

We hope that as a small part of this industry in Iran, that we will be able to play a deserving role for future generations.

What we should remember is that the output of infrastructure works, including the rail industry, is not usually immediately understood; therefore, one should not be discouraged from the hardships in a short time, and we must look ahead to the future with a positive view.

Filed of Activities

The activity of company is railway business throughout the country as well as urban and Intercity in Iran:

  • Supply of new and used fleet locomotives, spare parts for locomotives, passenger wagons, metro wagons and freight wagons.
  • Components and equipment for construction including rails, turnouts and accessories, frogs and crossings, thermit welds, fastening systems and accessories, track maintenance machines, signaling systems, intelligent track monitoring systems, wooden and polymer sleepers.
  • Engineering, consultation and training by international accredited companies in various fields related to rail projects.
  • Depot equipment such as wheel lathe, wheel-set press, bogie test machine and, etc.